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Have you always dreamt about a facelift which would make you look younger fresher and more radiant but fear the surgical process involved. If your answer is a big fat yes then you have a solution and that is thread lift. A thread lift gives exactly the same result as any surgical process without any surgery. All it uses are very fine threads which are induced into the skin which lifts the skin gently to lift the muscle of the skin to give it firmness and texture.

Production of collagen keeps the skin fresh PDO which stands for polydioxanone helps in stimulation of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin which is present in the threads which are made use of in thread lift Geelong. This makes the skin look more young and radiant.

Once the thread is inserted into the skin to the effected are, the skin looks lifted for few days however as time goes by the patient can see positive results. The thread lift process is very useful in wrinkle diminishing and tightening the skin. There are different kind of threads which are used for treating different areas such as in case of fine lines on the skin, short and non-barbed thread is used whereas in case of jaw line and towards the neckline thicker and more stronger threads is used. This treatment is very long lasting and the results remain for more than 2 years.

The best thing about thread treatment is that it is very versatile and can help treat any are of the face. It does wonders in case of sagging brows, loose skin on the cheeks, wrinkles around the eyes and on forehead and dropping neckline and jaw line.

In order to heal completely it is advisable to take care of your skin after the treatment as bruising can take place. The face might look a little swollen for few day but will start to look fine after few days, therefore it is always better to prepare and schedule work accordingly.

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