Nail Treatments

  • At Medical Skin Clinic the long term strength and condition of your nails is our utmost concern. We only offer nail services that we know will not cause any damage or risk to your nail in the long term but also create beautiful nails in the short term.

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  • Zoya nail polish has been specifically formulated to deliver a beautiful finish, while maintaining the health of the natural nail providing a healthy alternative to nail polish. Zoya is a nail polish free from toxins such as toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. The fast drying top coat provides a super-brilliant, ultra-strong and chip-free coating to defend nail color against wear and tear.

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  • Gel offers a long lasting, durable, chip-free colour for a minimum of 7 days. The curing time is very fast (30 seconds) using L.E.D. light, which has been independently tested and found to be safe. At Medical skin Clinic we offer two gel systems – Orly Gel FX and Bio Sculpure Gel.

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  • At Medical Skin Clinic Australia our doctors are able to assess any other skin or nail concerns that you may have such as rashes or fungal nail infections.

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  • An ingrowing toenail is when the edge of a nail grows into the skin of the toe. Once the edge of the nail breaks through the skin, it produces inflammation. Initially this can cause a minor discomfort, but it can progress into an infection in the adjacent skin or become a reoccurring problem. Ingrown toenails most commonly affect the large (great) toes.

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Nail Treatment

At Medical Skin Clinic Australia our doctors are able to assess any other skin or nail concerns that you may have such as rashes or fungal nail infections.

A rash is a general term that means an outbreak of skin inflammation and discoloration that changes the way the skin looks and feels. Common rashes include Eczema or Psoriasis. Infections that cause rashes or skin and nail problems include fungal, bacteria, parasites, and viral infection.

At Medical Skin Clinic Australia a doctor will always assess your skin concern. We use a holistic approach to treatment that looks at you as a whole from internal and external exposures, nutrition, hormonal aspects or genetics. We always develop a treatment plan according to the individual and type of rash.

For some a specialist is required for further advice and treatment. If this is required the doctor you see can organize a referral to see a specialist in their rooms or via skype at the clinic.

At Medical Skin Clinic Australia we are a Doctor led service run in a RACGP accredited clinic where we only use medical grade equipment and treatments with medical evidence to show they work. We look at all aspects of your skin in a holistic manner from skin cancers, laser treatments, cosmetics and nutrition. We aim to educate you on your skin and support you to ensure you make decisions you are happy with.

We are always warm and welcoming and want to treat you like a VIP. We always listen to and follow up your concerns and answer any questions, ensuring you have a trusted honest team dedicated to lifelong skin protection.

If you would like to make an appointment then please call the clinic on 03 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment or book online.
Skin is your confidence,

Let us protect it for you.



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