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 IV vitamins and minerals are now available for medical conditions, health and general wellness.

Combinations are available for illnesses, infections, recovery, sports recovery, immune boosters, detox, general health and wellness, hangovers, sickness, nutrient deficiencies, migraines plus combinations customised for your concerns.

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    Intravenous, or IV, therapy is a way of delivering nutrients or medications directly into your blood stream via a drip where they can immediately be used by the body for essential functions, wellness, health improvement and recovery.


    Most of our bodies nutrients are absorbed into our blood stream via the food we eat and drink. For this to occur, nutrients have to be taken up by the digestive system, a process adequate in most to give the body the vital ingredients it requires. IV therapy bypasses the digestive tract and delivers hydration and vitamins directly into the blood steam via a drip inserted into a vein. It is the fastest way of delivering treatments into the body allowing 100% of the vitamins and antioxidants to be available and allowing higher concentrations to be reached than possible by oral intake. This can be of benefit to those who may be acutely or chronically ill, run down, have a poor digestive system or have an increased requirement for such substances.


    For most people, consuming nutrients and medications orally is best. However some people do not consume an adequate amount of daily vitamins, and others cannot absorb the nutrients effectively from their digestive tract or have an increased requirement due to illness, depletion or increased activity. Foods, alcohol and stress also impact on our body's ability to absorb nutrients. IV therapy gives the body 100% of the delivered hydration and vitamins.


    Intravenous therapy can carry risks and this treatment may not be suitable for everyone. For this reason at Medical Skin Clinic all clients aew initially seen by the Doctor before their first treatment, to assess if the treatment is right for them and enable the risks to be discussed to enable an informed decision to be made about having the treatment done.

Below is our current list of treatments and prices.

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Initial consultations cost $35

At Medical Skin Clinic Australia we are a Doctor led service run in a RACGP accredited clinic where we only use medical grade equipment and treatments with medical evidence to show they work. We look at all aspects of your skin in a holistic manner from skin cancers, laser treatments, cosmetics and nutrition. We aim to educate you on your skin and support you to ensure you make decisions you are happy with.

We are always warm and welcoming and want to treat you like a VIP. We always listen to and follow up your concerns and answer any questions, ensuring you have a trusted honest team dedicated to lifelong skin protection.

If you would like to make an appointment then please call the clinic on 03 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment or book online.
Skin is your confidence,

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