The Team

 Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker

Principal Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker trained to be a Doctor in the UK having trained to be a plastic surgeon for 3 years before qualifying as a GP with the aim to work within the areas she loves - skin cancer medicine and surgery, and non surgical cosmetics. She has a great passion for the skin and innovative cosmetic procedures and thrives in listening to patients concerns and helping them reach their potential. She arrived in Torquay in 2010 and opened Medical Skin Clinic Australia in 2014 with the aim to provide a clinic people can trust whilst supporting the communities skin health in a holistic manner, wishing to listen to every patients needs and provide them with the best healthcare possible. 

She holds post graduate certificates in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery and Dermatology with the University of Queensland along with a background training in plastic surgery.

Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery

Certificate in Dermoscopy

Certificate in Dermatology

Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy.

Diploma in Dermoscopy ( in progress)

She is also extensively trained in multiple non surgical cosmetic procedures, anti ageing medicine and IV nutrition via The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine,  A4m, A5M, The Australian College of Nutritional Medicine, Allergan, Galderma, Silhouette soft (Austramedics), Fotona Academy and many more. 

As a side line at the clinic Dr Taylor-Walker also carries out laser vaginal rejuvenation for incontinence or dryness and pap smears plus she is qualified to fit contraceptive devices such as Implanon and the Mirena holding postgraduate Diplomas in women’s and child’s health via:

The Faculty in Sexual Health and Family Planning (UK) (DFFP)

The Royal Collage of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (UK) (DRCOG)

The Royal Collage of Paediatrics (UK) DCH

Dr Taylor-Walker also has extensive training in all areas of medicine including: Emergency medicine, ENT, Opthalmology, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ENT, Orthopaedics, Vascular Surgery and General Medicine making her a wonderful approachable Doctor to see, to holistically treat your skin concerns.


 Dr Stephen Lai

Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr Stephen LAI is a qualified GP with a special interest in Skin cancer and Dermatology. He obtained his Diploma in Dermatology from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 2001 and Diploma in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University in 2006. Before he moved to Australia in 2009, he had a short period of training in Singapore National Skin Centre in 2002 and years of working experience in Dermatology clinics in Hong Kong. After he came to Australia, he finished a Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine/Surgery and an Australian Dermoscopy Diploma in 2012 and completed multiple skin cancer certificates from University of Queensland between 2010 and 2016. He is now an Accredited Skin Cancer practitioner by the Skin Cancer College Australasia ( and is currently working to become a Fellow of the Skin Cancer College Australasia. With his expertise in skin care, he is passionate about providing a high quality skin cancer service as well as management of other dermatology issues.



Lauren Irvine

Practice Manager and Senior Skin Therapist

Lauren Irvine has been with the practice since it opened in 2014. She has an extensive background in Beauty Therapy with a high knowledge and passion for skin concerns and management. She is highly devoted to the skin, using her space time to research new ideas and treatments and has a wonderful way with clients to make them feel welcomed and cared for whilst providing them with the best skin therapies. She has extensive training in skincare, skincare products, laser and medical grade skin treatments and is a therapist people return to without a thought. 









Kylie Harrington

Practice Manager 

Kylie Harrington is one of most important team members. With a Bachelor of Management degree she is a highly qualified Practice Manager with impressive organisation and business skills. She has a passion for driving the business and developing innovative ways forward. She has a wonderful way to make all our clients feel looked after and ensure they are treated to the highest standards. The wonderful atmosphere and team that will greet you at the clinic is all driven by our fantastic managers Kylie and Lauren.









Kelly Paterson

Dermal Therapist

Kelly is a highly passionate and devoted Dermal therapist who lives the skin and thrives in listening to clients, making them feel welcomed and treating their skin to obtain the best results possible. She is a highly regarded therapist with a big following of clients due to her knowledge and skill in selecting and performing the best treatments for the clients skin. She spends her free time researching new treatments and extending her knowledge and thrives in getting great skin results.









Deb Winchester

Cosmetic Nurse

Deb is a wonderful approachable cosmetic nurse with a great knowledge in skin and cosmetics. After qualifying as a nurse she completed post graduate training with a Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing giving her extensive knowledge and skills in the skin, skin therapies, cosmetic treatments and skin care in name a few. She has extensive training in anti wrinkle injectables via the renown plastic surgeon Peter Callan and further training with Allergan and Galderma. She also holds her laser safety certificate and has extensive laser training. She is a passionate cosmetic nurse who is passionate about listening to clients needs and providing skin treatment plans that give results. 












Tracy Hocking

Practice Nurse

Tracy is a warm hearted, passionate, knowledgable nurse with extensive experience and training in all areas of nursing. She is passionate about health  and ensuring clients are well cared for and listened to. Tracy is a great support to the Doctors with surgical procedures, wound care and general nursing tasks. She also carries out IV nutrition and is currently extending her knowledge in the skin, skincare and skin treatments. 




Our Team of friendly approachable Doctors, Nurses and Dermal Therapist are all extremely highly trained in their area of expertise and all work together as a strong team to provide you with the best care and advice for your skin today and for the future. The all have a great passion for the skin and consistently up date their knowledge with research and further training. They are always excited to help you and do so with a smile and a bit of fun and personality. 

We cannot wait to meet and advice you x


At Medical Skin Clinic Australia we aim to educate you on your skin and support you to ensure you make decisions you are happy with.

We listen to your concerns and answer any questions, ensuring you have a team dedicated to lifelong skin protection.

If you have a skin lesion you are concerned about or have a family history of skin cancer please call the clinic on 03 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment.
Skin is our Ardour. We are always happy to listen and help support your skin concerns. Skin is your confidence.

Let us protect it for you.



TORQUAY: 160 Surfcoast highway, Torquay, Victoria

GEELONG: Salon Euphoria, 1/84 Shannon Avenue, Geelong West, Vic 3218


(03) 5261 6171


Monday & Tuesday 9am – 5pm.

Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 8pm.

Friday 9am – 5pm.

Saturday 9am – 3pm.


Fridays 9.15am – 5pm.

Other times by appointment



Unfortunately our phone lines are down again today - feel free to complain to telstra for us if you want!!! If you need to contact us please email or use FB messenger. Please note it may take us up to an hour to respond though as we are also in treatments. Hopefully the line will come back as the day progress. Sorry for any inconvenience ... See MoreSee Less

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