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Melissa Aytan - Functional Nutitionalist

Medical Skin Clinic Australia believes that skin conditions are a result of both internal and external factors. We do not feel that just treating the skin will solve all of a clients issues. The skin is known to reflect what is occurring internally and its can be wrong to just treat the surface issues without ensuring the body is working efficiently and effectively.
When the body has all its ingredients to carry out its biological processes and elements such as food intake, gut health, stress, detoxification and hormonal balance are working correctly and in harmony the body will function as it should, you will feel and function better and this will be reflected in a glowing plump happy skin of ultimate quality and function.
The clinic has been looking for the right person to join us to give this integrated approach for a long time as we wanted someone who was kind and caring, approachable, extremely qualified and used trusted methods. We are extremely excited to have found this wonderful person and are so pleased to have Melissa join our team in May to offer Functional nutrition, an internal balancing approach to our clients health and wellbeing.
Melissa will be working along side Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker and her team in helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals and improve any chronic illness or skin concerns via a combined team approach using well researched and trusted medical, preventative and natural methods.
Melissa is a certified Functional Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Applied Science. She in brings over 15 years of experience in the wellness field and has been specifically trained to analyse and interpret functional lab results to customise individual treatment plans.
Functional Nutrition is a type of detective work that seeks to identify the underlying causes of diseases and conditions at the biochemical, gut and hormonal level instead of just treating the symptoms.
It uses state of the art investigations that actually look at how the body is functioning on a biochemical level looking closely at elements such as the presence of allergies, immunity, how the body is dealing with stress and detoxification, how the body is producing and metabolising hormones and how the bowel is function from its exact flora to how well it is digesting foods and its intestinal barrier function.
With the results, Melissa then works with her patients to rebuild these systems to function effectively and efficiently by the engagement of the client in a health building process using potent, proven, professional protocols including Diet/Nutrition, Rest, Exercise, Smart Natural Supplementation, and Stress Reduction. This natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes with symptoms subsiding and disappearing.
Melissa understands not every patient needs a deep investigation into their physiology with testing and sometimes it may be a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will help her patients achieve their goals of wellness and vitality.
Melissa has had to navigate her own emotional journey with infertility and personally understands the frustration of moving from practitioner to practitioner and not getting answers. After her own healing and infertility journey Mel is now the mother of a beautiful girl and boy.
Her special interests in the clinic are;
 Fertility
 Women’s health
 Thyroid health
 Gut health
 Skin Health
 Fatigue (adrenal, chronic)
 Hormone imbalances
 General health and well-being
 Eating sensibly and educating clients on conflicting information
Being at the clinic and working with Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker will enable clients to get a well rounded assessment of concerns and have access to both a natural and or preventative method and medical intervention if required, giving the ultimate in healthcare.
To find out more or to book an appointment please call the clinic on 5261 6171.

At Medical Skin Clinic Australia we are a Doctor led service run in a RACGP accredited clinic where we only use medical grade equipment and treatments with medical evidence to show they work. We look at all aspects of your skin in a holistic manner from skin cancers, laser treatments, cosmetics and nutrition. We aim to educate you on your skin and support you to ensure you make decisions you are happy with.

We are always warm and welcoming and want to treat you like a VIP. We always listen to and follow up your concerns and answer any questions, ensuring you have a trusted honest team dedicated to lifelong skin protection.

If you would like to make an appointment then please call the clinic on 03 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment or book online.
Skin is your confidence,

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