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Isabelle Campbell is our wonderful brow technician. With a background as a make up artist she is made to shape, define and artistically create your brows to accentuate your natural aesthetics and beauty. 

Isabelle is an accredited cosmetic brow technician with a warm, welcoming approachable manner that focuses on you and your comfort. Creating your perfect bow involves the combination of your desires and Isabelle knowledge of how a brow accentuates a face. Her ability to listen to your wishes and apply her knowledge and artistic eye allows her to create brows that suit your face and meets your wishes, brows that others admire. With a background as a make up artist,creating brows is her bread and butter. Isabelle has a developed a great eye for facial aesthetics and great technical detail that enables her to produce fantastic brow work.

"Brows are individual and match a face, it takes skill to create a brow that sits comfortably with your facial features and highlight your natural aesthetics, it take an artistic eye to do this and this is what I am skilled at."



"With a natural eye for beauty and a background as a make up artist designing clients faces, it was a natural progression for me to progress to brow feathering and microblading"

Can I be tattooed when I am pregnant/breast feeding - no
Can I be tattooed if I am on heart medication - Possibly, but you will need a doctors letter to say this is ok. The clinic has a Doctor on site so a consultation can be arranged via the clinic if required either on the days of the consultation or at another time. This will be discussed with you if brought up at the consultation.
Can I be tattooed if I have anti wrinkle injections or Dermal fillers - yes, but you must wait 5 weeks after you have had them to allow time for skin to settle. It is also worth remembering that anti wrinkle injections can alter the position of your eyebrows. So consider if you would like treatment done with the eyebrows in the position when the anti wrinkle injections are working or not working.
What if I get cold sores - Lip Tattooing can cause a flare up of cold sores. For this reason if you suffer from cold sores it is recommended you take anti viral medication prior to the treatment to prevent a flare up. To organise this please let the clinic know and we can arrange a consultation with our Doctor or please see your doctor 2 weeks prior to your lip tattoo.
Will my tattoo last forever - The tattoo pigment is designed to fade over time, so eventually you will need to touch it up, if you want it to remain fresh.
How long with it last - Your skin type, natural skin shedding and sun exposure will contribute to the length of time your tattoo lasts, but most people get 12-18 months.
How often should I touch up - You can either wait the 12-18 months and allow the fading to slowly happen, or you could touch up every 6-8 months to keep your brows fresh
Will the lip tattoo look as bright as the day its done forever - No, it will fade by approx 60-70% and is designed to appear as a lip blush rather than a solid lipstick appearance.
Why do my brow flake after tattoo? - This is a part of the natural healing process and is normal, your skin is healing and pushing the top layer off and your tattoo will emerge in the new skin underneath.
Does cosmetic tattoo hurt? - A topical anaesthetic cream and gel is used for numbing during the treatment, but everybody has different pain thresholds, you will likely feel a very small amount of pain, similar to scratching with a sharp finger nail.
How many treatments do I need? - You will need an initial and a second perfection appointment for brows and lips.  Some people require a third lip appointment also.
Will my brow tattoo appear darker at first and then fade? - Yes initially your brows will appear much darker, but then they fade around 60% to a more natural appearance
What will happen to my brows in future? -  As they fade they will appear softer and more powdered looking, this is normal and a good indication that a touch up is required. (please note that clients with more oily complexion tend to fade a little faster)
Can I get a chemical peel or laser after a cosmetic tattoo?- You MUST advise your therapist that you have been tattooed, they MUST completely avoid the area of the tattoo.




All treatments are carried out within the clinic that follows RACGP Medical accreditation standards for infection, sterilisation and hygiene.

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At Medical Skin Clinic Australia we are a Doctor led service run in a RACGP accredited clinic where we only use medical grade equipment and treatments with medical evidence to show they work. We look at all aspects of your skin in a holistic manner from skin cancers, laser treatments, cosmetics and nutrition. We aim to educate you on your skin and support you to ensure you make decisions you are happy with.

We are always warm and welcoming and want to treat you like a VIP. We always listen to and follow up your concerns and answer any questions, ensuring you have a trusted honest team dedicated to lifelong skin protection.

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